// Skate Parks

Real Line - The unique combination of modules makes it possible
The new and innovative series of Concrete skate park has only one goal: to built interesting and versatile skate parks for the most diverse requirements. The experience gained from existing skate parks will be reflected in the concept of Real Line skate parks and form - combined with a lot of technical know-how and constant target group analysis - the best conditions to create the perfect skate park.

// Ramp Park  

Most of the existing skatepark fall under the category Ramp - Park. Start ramps and fun boxes define the appearance of such parks, but skillful planning can highlight skate parks.

// Pool  

Pool skating is an archetype of skateboarding and still popular as ever. Young and old, beginners and advanced students can have a lot of fun in one and the same "bowl". Unfortunately, pools and even pool areas are all too rare in Germany and Austria, since they are technically difficult to implement. We accept this challenge.

// BMX - Park  

Because of their larger items of sports equipment BMX-riders ar depending on different proportions of the ramps. These differences are of course taken into account in BMX Park. Angles and heights are perfectly matched to the two-wheelers and the material is adapted to the use.

// Plaza  

Inspired by urban architecture of cities worldwide. Here you will find a wide variety of urban spots united in a single park. A Plaza - Skate Park is a highlight for every streetskater!

The concept is simple:

The individual modules can be combined arbitrarily. The result are skate parks that inspire the experts and offer the novice the right start. The expertise in the processing and use of the finest materials ensures a long-life investment. A Concrete skate park will be built for generations.

We represent Concrete® Rudolph GmbH in Austria and Bavaria.

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