// Playground equipment

STAUSBERG has a very wide range of toys and play equipment. Here are some selected product categories. For questions about specific products or for any advice please give us a call, we look forward to meeting you!

// Climbing equipment / miscellaneous  

Climbing equipment of STAUSBERG

STAUSBERG has a very wide range of climbing frames and playground equipment. Here you will find a selection of options. For questions about specific products or for any advice please give us a call, we look forward to meeting you!

// Game systems / HAGS  


is a word which is commonly associated with activity and exercise. Inspiration develops positive energy. Inspiration is absolute "human", because there is always a person, who is inspired or even inspiring others. Our goal is to develop products that make you happy through their inspiring design and attractive colors, giving children an inspiring playing value, being safe and inexpensively to be produced.

Inspiring functionality and high quality are sound and safe investments in our future - our children.

// made from locust / FHS  

Toys made from natural locust

Decades durable toys as black locust is very resistant European wood by nature. As a result, a high environmental impact is achieved, since no wood preservatives must be used outdoors.

// made from stainless steel / Spiel-Bau  

Stainless steel appliances

Always in the focus: play value, quality and safety! The playground equipment is low in maintenance, robust and vandal-proof.

The products are easily recognizable by their typical design, the natural look, the distinctive safety of our stainless steel slides and the visible high quality wood and stainless steel.

// Objekte / Kinderland  

Children's play and adventure landscape

Much more imaginative and challenging it is, when the known playground is converted into a playable landscape. A space which matches the capabilities and needs of the child under development. A place, where children always have new discoveries and learn their own limitations. This is the starting point for a children's game and adventure scenery. A design that is characterized by differences in height, winding paths, various types of plants and substrates, playable natural elements and toys with high play value.

// Protection / Conradi & Kaiser  

Playground equipment by STAUSBERG

Our various product categories offer toys for every age. Playgrounds should offer a high play value, a child-sensitive playground stimulates creativity, providing children with an adequate variety of ways to play. Special emphasis is also placed on materials, design, color, shape and durability.

We have a playground facilities and equipment from reputable partners such HAGS, Concrete®, FHS, Kinderland and Spiel-Bau.