// Urban Design

STAUSBERG represents Concrete Urban Design in Austria and Bavaria. The innovative approach allows fresh ideas for innovative urban designs. For questions and advice, we are at your disposal. Concrete describes Urban Design like this:

"Concrete Urban Design is connecting designers, architects and landscape architects and our know-how. Urban Design shows our courage to realize difficult design-ideas. What is feasible, we implement. With curiosity, verve and passion. We cast the vision of the designer in concrete - in glassfiber reinforced concrete and thus help to give a distinctive look to the public space."

Below is some informations about Urban Design by Concrete:



With BOOMER ONE and BOOMER TWO, the designers have not developped just a piece of furniture, but a sculpture. BOOMER looks tidy and decent and invites you to lounge. BOOMER meets a set of requirements away any standards. The material fibreglass reinforced concrete convinced the designers with its solidity and nature relatedness with the stone, with its malleability, pureness and unique feel.

// OSA  

OSA is the result of a search for a big city furniture, which should combine several functions. So the OSA designers developed a five meter long concrete bench with seating areas and timber support. OSA is vandal-proof.

The bench has a modular design, can be placed around a tree, thus exploiting its natural shade; an innovative, invisible connection system puts the individual modules like Lego bricks together. The highlight: a spotlight under a glass cover dips the treetop at night in decent light. OSA is unique and yet cheaper than a standard furniture - a perfect combination of design, function and efficiency.

// ARPA  

Seat modules to sit, watch and enjoy - a system of seat modules offering many combinations. Right, left, long, short, wide, narrow. Just as you would imagine.

Where clean lines dominate, ARPA always makes a good figure - both in the outdoor area with wood cover and in the interior with seat covers in leather or white corian.


Seating elements in pebble shape in 3 finishes

The special properties of glassfiber reinforced concrete open up completely new possibilities and permanently ensure a high functionality.

The surfaces are made of the highest quality and at the same time the material thickness can be reduced to a minimum and the concrete can be dyed with pigments.