// Acrylic resin


The material combines the advantages of acrylic glass with those of plastic. By connecting an impact-resistant plastic core with a weather-resistant and very tough acrylic surface an ideal material for furniture in outdoor public spaces is created. Slats of acrylic resin and substructures made of galvanized, powder-coated steel or cast aluminum guarantee high quality for many years.

The material

Slats of acrylic resin have good self-cleaning characteristics, since dirt particles have only a low adhesion to the acrylic surface. Even graffiti can be removed with mineral spirits or turpentine (no acetone). Thus acrylic surfaces are completely weatherproof, even sea water and road salt can't cause any damage. Stubborn stains can be easily removed with a cloth, water and washing up liquid.

The colours

The acrylic surface allows a wide range of colors and different surface optics. In testing for UV light resistance was shown that the coloured surface, even if it is exposed through years of weathering, does not change.

More advantages

  • Since the surface does not absorb rain water, public furniture dry very quickly and are fully usable.
  • Outdoor furniture with acrylic surface must not be dismantled and stored over the winter, because they are completely weatherproof. Even seawater and road salt can't cause any damage.
  • In testing for resistance to UV light was detected, that the ink surface, even if it is exposed to the elements for many years, does not change. The plastic profiles contain no plasticizers that may evaporate.
  • The acrylic surface is comparable with wood as far as comfort is concerned. It quickly absorbs body temperature and ensures a warm, comfortable sitting experience.   
  • If the acrylic profiles once become unusable e.g. by mechanical destruction, they can be recycled and thus be part of the recovered substance cycle.



Special colours: Titan, Onyx, Saphir, Magnetit and Black Pearl.

All other shown colours are standard colours.
"Hellbraun Struktur" is called "Oregon Struktur" at STAUSBERG.