// Wooden battens

Locust wood (robinia)

Our benches are standard manufactured from locust wood. It is the only European type of wood comparable to tropical woods regarding its durability. Locust wood is categorised in the resistance class "good to very good" according to DIN-EN 350-2. The resistance class indicates how resistant woods, which are exposed to weather, are against mildew or fungal decay. It also indicates how long these woods maintain their utility value. That ensures ideal durability and quality. Our wood comes solely from the European forestry.


Wood treatment


Locust wood (robinia) natural

All woods of the Stausberg product range are treated with vapour diffusible, high-quality coatings that contain

  • an impregnation
  • a first coat
  • an intermediate coat and
  • a final coat.

The coating is applied by an industrial infiltration procedure (vacuum impregnation facility and flooding system). An additional polish enhances the quality of the surface treatment before the final coat is applied. The durability of the coating system against weather conditions is therefore way above European standard.


Wood colour


Sierra beige vanished

The woods of the Stausberg product range are available in the following standard colours:

  • robinia, untreated
  • robinia sierra, glazed
  • pino sierra, glazed

All other colours are available at an extra charge.