// Corrosion protection - galvanizing and coatings

// Steel parts - hot-dip galvanizing  

Hot dip galvanizing is the best known process to prevent steel from rusting. Exposed to the elements, hot dip galvanized steel will last 20 years and longer. After the galvanizing, the steel parts have a shiny silver surface that turns into a light matte gray. The surface has typically a crystalline look and is sometimes slightly structured. This will have to be accepted as typical properties of such parts.

// Powder coating  

For the appearance of galvanized steel parts or cast iron supports, powder coating is a common way to coat these items. The powder is applied by electrostatic spraying and subsequent baking in an oven. The powder is usually a Polyester/Acryl mix. Most RAL colors are available.

// Steel and stainless steel mounting hardware  

Stainless steel becomes increasingly important because of its wide range of characteristics, its durability and ease of maintenance. For high quality items of equipment stainless steel is a technically and economically optimal solution. By default, the surface is glass bead blasted or sanded depending on the product. With our brand ODM products, the surface is usually electropolished, which leads to a slightly shiny surface. Glass bead blasting produces a semi-gloss, finely textured appearance, ground surfaces have a slight sheen. All variants are a very easy-care and durable solution.